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Large touch screen portable air compressor pump tire inflator

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ew upgrade of inflation

Preset tire pressure,stop when full

Mini air pump,smart and fast replenishment,power bank



Super Large Touch Screen

Intelligent touch color screen display, a variety of inflatable mode optional. 

Digital tire pressure monitoring, preset to stop when the pressure is charged


Large capacity battery

4000mAh large battery,use more scenarios


Small and protable,flexible storage

Storage and carrying are very convenient


An portable air pump,a power bank too

Built-in 4000mAh battery,the phone can be used as a power bank to charge the phone when the phone is out


The night emergency

Lighting at night or under special circumstances

Long press the open key can be lit

Three states can be switched


Metal cylinder to reduce noise

Reduce the use of hot body,while reducing noise


Applicable to a variety of scenarios

Different tire pressure value units are built in the inflator to meet the requirements of various groups of people


                                                                                              Common products suggest inflation pressure gauge
          Product Category                                  Product type                    Recommended pressure range


    Electric bicycle 40-50psi
 12, 14, 16 inch bicycle tires 30-50psi
   20, 22, 24 inch bicycle tires  40-50psi
26, 27.5, 29 inch mountain bike tires 45-65psi
  Electric scooter 45-65psi
700c road bike clincher 100-130psi
700c road bike tube tire 120-145psi
  Motorcycle  Motorcycle, electric motorcycle tires 1.8-3.0bar
 Car  Small car tires 2.2-2.8bar


Basketball 7-9psi 
Football 8-16psi
 Volleyball 4-5psi
  Rugby 12-14psi
*Note: The value of the recommended inflation pressure range is for reference only, please refer to the requirements of the inflated product manual.




Product material Plastic raw materials+electronic components+data line+pump nozzle
With USB reverse charge 5V1A
Maximum current 5A
Battery capacity 4000mAh
Battery model 18650 lithium battery
Working temperature -20℃-70℃
Product function car,bicycle,ball inflatable,night lighting
Emergency lighting 180 bright current for 10 hours
Charging time About 3 hours
Display High-definition LED color screen display
Noise 60-80DB
Air pressure flow 25L/min
Scene mode car,ball,motorcycle switch
Product size 80*80*132mm
Product net weight 395g

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