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What should I pay attention to when buying a car vacuum cleaner?

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  Car vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner used in the car, also called car vacuum cleaner, car vacuum cleaner.

  The principle of car vacuum cleaners is roughly the same as that of ordinary vacuum cleaners. They both exhaust the air in the impeller at a high speed from the fan, and at the same time make the air in the dust suction part continue to be supplemented into the fan. In this way, it may form a higher pressure difference with the outside world. The dust and dirt from the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust collection part along with the air, and pass through the leaker to collect the dust and dirt in the dust tube.

  Size: The size of the car vacuum cleaner should match that of your own car. Existing car vacuum cleaners are divided into large and small. Generally, you can choose a portable vacuum cleaner for small cars, and a large vacuum cleaner for large cars.

  Power: According to the power of the car vacuum cleaner, it can be divided into three grades: within 100 watts, 100 to 300 watts, and over 300 watts. Generally, the power purchased at 60W can fully meet the requirements of use. If the dust is heavier, the recommended power is about 130W, which is the most practical and cost-effective.

  Cable length: Generally, the standard cable length of car vacuum cleaners is 2 meters. Many car owners ignore the cable length when buying, and only look at the machine without looking at the cable length. When they wait for use, they find that the cable is short. Generally, the recommended cable length is 4.5. About meters, it is enough to cope with the use of almost all vehicles.

  Accessories: Many standard accessories for car vacuum cleaners are not enough. For example, some dead corners in the car are difficult to clean if the accessories are not complete. Therefore, it is best to consult the seller's accessories when choosing, and choose a few more accessories. , So that the interior of the car can be completely cleaned.

  Regarding the use of the car vacuum cleaner, I believe you can clean up your car after reading the manual, but after cleaning, the sludge, garbage, etc. enter the vacuum cleaner. How can we clean it up? The following 15 items list all possible situations. It will definitely help to use the vacuum cleaner better.

  1. Before we use the car vacuum cleaner for the first time, we must first check whether the installation of the dust bag and the installation of the filter are correct.

  2. When we often use the car vacuum cleaner, we should pay attention to the power when unplugging the socket to avoid damaging the cigarette lighter.

  3. If it is a wireless car vacuum cleaner, these problems will not exist.

  4. First of all, after we finish using the car vacuum cleaner, immediately disconnect the power cord to avoid power supply.

  5. Take out the filter or dust bag from the vacuum cleaner according to the requirements in the manufacturer's instructions.

  6. We must clean up the dust and debris in the filter

  7. Take a damp cloth to wipe the dust inside the car vacuum cleaner.

  8. Install the filter or dust bag back to the original position.

  9. Reinstalling the car vacuum cleaner

  10. Wipe clean the outside of the car vacuum cleaner with a damp cloth.

  11. When wiping the vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the protection of the switch and power supply.

  12. Check to see if the power plug and power cord are in good condition to avoid damage.

  13. Refold the power cord to avoid knots in the power supply and damage the life of the power cord.

  14. Repack the processed car vacuum cleaner into the product packaging, and don't just put it in the car.

  15. It is best to recommend that you place the car vacuum cleaner at home or in a dry place in the trunk of the car for the convenience of next use

  The car vacuum cleaner is not a high-tech thing, mainly because of its reliability and convenience. It can generally be used for a long time.

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