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Use a car air pump to inflate the car after a car puncture

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You never know when you will experience a flat tire. It can happen at the most inconvenient time for anyone. Maintaining the correct tire pressure affects tire wear and improves its performance. Fortunately, if you have a car air pump, you can easily inflate any tire on the job site.

The tire pressure gauge can tell you how much compressed air you need to add to your tires. If you inject too much air into the tire, you may experience performance and handling issues. If you don't inject enough air into the tires, they will experience additional friction, which increases the temperature of the rubber. The heat is harmful to the tire and may damage the steel wire rope inside.

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When the car air pump inflates the tire, try to inflate the tire when it is cold. Low temperature can provide you with more accurate readings. When you use a tire pressure gauge, a hot tire will show a higher air pressure. If you blow a tire while driving, please wait about 30 minutes for the tire to cool down.

Depending on the degree of air leakage from the tire, it may take some time to fill the tire with a car air pump. Many car air pumps have instructive gauges, so the correct amount of air can be added. When the required air pressure is reached, some car air pumps even automatically shut down. Digital car air pumps are another option, they can provide you with more accurate readings.

Check the tire pressure from time to time when arranging the tires. Most digital car air pumps automatically monitor the pressure and shut down when the required pressure is reached. If you accidentally add too much air, press the tire pressure gauge to release some air.

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