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Protect your car from hail damage

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Hail damage was the number one weather-related insurance claim last year in Texas, making up 9% of all AAA Texas automobile insurance claims, with an average cost of $5,700 per claim.

Severe weather is not uncommon for Texas, unfortunately, and is already back for the springtime. This means possible hail damage amidst strong rain and thunderstorms. In fact, hail could be in the mix as strong storms move into parts of Texas on Monday.


Not taking the right precautions can lead to costly consequences for your car.

While trying to dodge the hail, the best way to protect your vehicle is to move it into a covered area. If severe weather and hail are predicted, park your car in the garage beforehand. If you are out and about, pull into a parking garage and wait out the storm.

However, if covered parking is not an option, use a hail cover or blanket as a last resort to protect your car and its windshield. You may want to duct tape the blankets as strong winds can pick up during hail storms. Only go outside when it is safe.

If your vehicle is damaged by hail it may be covered by insurance, but it will depend on your policy. If your policy is comprehensive, it will be covered. However, if you only have basic liability or collision coverage, you will be out of luck. Almost all states, including Texas, require basic liability coverage, but comprehensive coverage is optional.

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