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  • Portable power station, every family deserves it

    The battery is a great invention, especially the "lithium battery" we use today, no matter whether there will be more advanced batteries in the future, at least the current "lithium battery" makes our lives more colorful. Cell phones, cameras, laptops, hand-held power tools, even cars, airplanes, etc. are inseparable from "lithium batteries."

  • Driving safety tips

    When a vehicle is running, and the road conditions cannot guarantee a sufficient lateral safety distance, the speed of the vehicle should be reduced. You should choose a reasonable driving position before meeting the car. When the meeting car position is predicted to be unsatisfactory, you should immediately slow down or stop, do not hesitate, let alone rush and force.

  • Excellent portable power station products

    With the constant iteration of battery technology today and in the foreseeable future, all personal electronic products including but not limited to mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other products have achieved a large-scale leap in battery capacity. Similarly, the energy efficiency ratio of the internal circuits of electronic products is not There will be leapfrog development. Therefore, with a long screen usage time, mobile power has become a rigid demand for almost everyone.

  • LED headlight cold knowledge

      Compared with traditional car halogen bulbs, LED car lights consume only 1/10 of the power, which can better save energy and protect the car's circuit from being burned by the excessive load current.    Advantage:   ·High brightness, low energy consumption, long life, small size   ·Lighting without delay   ·Simple structure, good stability, and shock resistance   ·High light quality, it is basically a non-radiative "green" light source.

  • What are the disadvantages of air suspension?

    Most of the models equipped with air suspension are equipped with chassis lifting technology, which can realize a large-scale adjustment of the chassis height. When encountering rugged roads, the chassis can be lifted to improve passability, and the chassis can be lowered to reduce driving wind resistance, and it is also more convenient to get on and off the vehicle and carry objects. In addition, the air suspension can automatically maintain the height of the vehicle, even when it is fully loaded, to ensure the vehicle's shock absorption performance as much as possible. In some models, the airbag can be quickly inflated and deflated to realize the up and down vibration of the vehicle to help the vehicle get out of trouble.

  • Is it possible to wash the car purely by rain?

    First of all, car washing is not only about washing the exterior but also for regular maintenance of the chassis. During driving, the mud and sand on the road will have a certain impact on the chassis of the car, and some unknown attachments may also cause a series of failures.

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