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Pay attention to 12 wrong maintenance methods for reference

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Car wash under the sun─injury car paint

Many private car owners like to wash the car in the sun, thinking that the water on the car body can be dried soon after washing. In fact, when washing the car in the sun, the convex lens effect formed by the water will cause localized high temperature on the top layer of the car paint Phenomenon, after a long time, the car paint will lose its luster. If it is waxed at this time, it will also easily cause uneven color of the car body. Therefore, it is best to wash and wax the car under sheltered conditions. If it is not guaranteed, it is best to choose it in the morning and evening when it is cloudy or sunny.

Washing the car is like taking a shower─harming the air conditioner

When the weather rises, the temperature increases, the dust increases, and the body is easy to get dirty. The frequency of car owners washing their cars also starts to increase. Many car owners also hope to wash their cars thoroughly like bathing themselves. However, it should be noted here that the appearance of the car air conditioner must be kept dry. If the car air conditioner is accidentally wetted, it will affect the life of the car air conditioner.

Waxing in a circle-poor effect

Many people are accustomed to waxing the car body in a circle. This is an incorrect method. The correct way of waxing is in a straight line, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, and then the last one in the direction of rainwater flow, so as to reduce the effect of concentric circles on the paint surface.

Too much oil-malfunction

When the oil in the engine oil pan is insufficient, the friction between the bearing and the journal will be poorly lubricated due to the small amount of oil, aggravating the degree of wear, and even causing a bush-burning shaft accident. However, if the engine oil is too much, the crankshaft handle and the big end of the connecting rod will be violently agitated when the engine is working, which not only increases the internal power loss of the engine, but also increases the oil splashing on the cylinder wall, causing oil burnout failure. Therefore, the oil in the engine oil pan should be controlled between the upper and lower engraved lines of the oil dipstick.

Car body care

Bolt is too tight-permanent deformation

There are many fasteners connected by bolts and nuts in automobiles. It should be ensured that they have sufficient pre-tightening force, but they should not be over-tightened. If they are over-tightened, on the one hand, the connecting parts will be permanently affected by external force. Deformation; on the other hand, it will cause the bolt to produce tensile permanent deformation, and the pre-tightening force will drop, and even cause the phenomenon of sliding or breaking.

Fan belt is too tight-bearing load is heavy

Some drivers think that increasing the tightness of the fan belt can improve the cooling effect of the engine, so they keep increasing the tightness of the fan belt, causing the fan belt to be too tight, but they don't know that this is wrong. The fan belt should be tight and tight, because too tight will cause excessive load on the bearing, aggravated wear, and increased power consumption. At the same time, the water pump shaft will bend.

The belt is elongated and deformed, shortening its life.

Imported tires─not applicable

Some people who buy tires especially like to emphasize "import", but the new tires introduced abroad have one of the most fatal flaws for domestic users, which is that they are not applicable. There is a big difference between the flat roads in Europe and the road conditions in China. Tyres suitable for European road conditions will not perform well in China, especially the impact resistance of the sidewalls is obviously not suitable for water and soil. It is like walking on a gravel road wearing Italian brand-name leather shoes. Generally, it is inevitable that the sidewalls will be wrapped.

After some foreign brand tires are produced by domestic joint ventures, a layer of cord fabric is added to the side of the tires according to the domestic road conditions, which greatly increases the impact resistance of the sidewalls. The joint venture tires can completely replace imported goods in terms of performance.

The new battery does not charge-shorten the lifespan

The first charge of the battery is called the first charge, and the first charge has a great influence on the service life of the battery. If it is not charged, that is, if it is used directly with "water", the capacity of the battery is not high and its life will be shortened; if it is directly charged, it will also shorten its life. Generally, the initial charging of the battery is after filling the electrolyte, and then it can be installed and used after charging with a small current for about 1 hour.

Additional equipment in the car will affect driving safety

Private cars are homes for car owners to move. There is nothing wrong with pursuing passenger comfort and luxury. However, some car owners install various equipment in the car by themselves. If this modification is not handled properly, it will often affect the performance and convenience and reliability of the car. Bring adverse effects, easy to leave a legacy or affect driving safety.

The cooling water temperature is too low─wearing the engine

When the weather is hot, some drivers blindly require the cooling water temperature to be as low as possible in order to prevent the engine temperature from becoming too high; some drivers simply remove the thermostat for the purpose of cooling down. These practices are wrong. Automobile engines are both afraid of heat and cold. If the cooling water temperature is too low, it will worsen fuel combustion, increase fuel consumption, aggravate wear, increase oil viscosity, and reduce engine power. Tests have shown that when the cooling water temperature is 40-50°C while the car is running, engine wear will increase by 60%-80%, power will be reduced by 25%, and fuel consumption will increase by 8%-10%. Therefore, the temperature of the engine cooling water is not as low as possible, and should generally be controlled between 80-90°C.

"Boiling" the water tank quickly adds water-the cylinder is cracked

When some drivers saw the "boiling" phenomenon in the water tank, they were worried that the temperature of the engine would rise again, and immediately turned off the engine and added water. This approach is wrong, it is very likely to cause the cylinder head to crack due to sudden cold. If you encounter the "boiling" of the water tank, the general correct method is to stop immediately and let the engine maintain its speed. After the cooling water temperature is reduced, turn off the engine. If the amount of cooling water is insufficient at this time, it should be added slowly to prevent the cylinder head from cracking due to sudden cold.

Long-term non-use of the car or short-distance use of the car─damaged parts

Although some people have become car owners, they are usually "reluctant" to drive, and only drive out during holidays. In fact, this way of using a car is very harmful to the car. The surface of transmission parts such as engines and gearboxes will rust because they are often in direct contact with the air, and batteries will also affect their service life due to long-term natural discharge. The best way is to run the car every few days for 30 to 40 minutes. In addition, always using the car for short distances can also hurt the car. The car is moving at any time but can't drive far, which is an important reason for the injury.

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