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Temperature drop is not the only reason, check if your tires are underinflated

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  Most car owners tend to focus on keeping their steering wheel covers comfortable with the car, heated seat covers, gloves and hot drink glasses, it pays to be prepared for roads covered by snow, snow and sleet. So take out your trustworthy ice scraper and be prepared: this is our simple winter car maintenance checklist to help protect your vehicle from the bad weather ahead.

  Protect the appearance of your vehicle

  Take a moment to wipe off the buildup from the previous season and perform a full body wash. Then apply high-quality car wax to prevent the coming snow and road salt. How to learn to clean and wax like a professional and protect your vehicle from road salting.

  Take care of your battery

  The summer heat can damage the battery, and this weakness is bound to show up in the first truly cold morning, which is why the battery is prone to failure in winter. Therefore, please test the battery and charging system. If the battery power is low, please replace the battery.

  A fresh battery is your best defense against cold weather, but it isn't a guarantee. If you live in an especially cold climate or use your vehicle infrequently, you may want to keep your battery attached to a maintainer or trickle charger. This is because your battery is working harder in cold weather and will gradually lose power over time if it isn't in use.

  Ensure visibility

  Being able to see where you are going is always a top priority, but it becomes especially important in winter. Your first task is to ensure that all lights are working properly. If your headlights or taillights are dimmed or yellow, please replace the bulbs and use a headlight repair kit to clean the lenses.

  We also recommend that you replace the windshield wipers with winter wipers in climates that may snow and freeze. At the very least, fill the windshield washer tank with de-icing fluid. It will help you commute on those cold mornings!

  Check your tires

  Traction is the key here. Look at your tires; if the tread is not deep enough, please change to a new set. You need the best possible traction to deal with dangerous road conditions. Depending on where you live, you may even want to invest in snow tires.

  In addition, the temperature is not the only reason for the drop in winter. For every 10 degree drop in air pressure, it is estimated that the tire pressure will drop by 1 pound. Underinflated tires wear out faster, impair fuel economy, and reduce handling and traction. So check your inflation regularly (don't forget your spare!), especially when the temperature drops rapidly.

  Check antifreeze

  Antifreeze (aka coolant) is one of the most important winter chemicals because the liquid in an engine's cooling system is composed of a blend of water and antifreeze. Depending on the brand, either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol in the antifreeze prevents that water from freezing , expanding and causing expensive damage to the engine. Use an antifreeze tester or take the vehicle to your mechanic to measure the antifreeze's strength. This test indicates the lowest ambient temperature to which the engine is protected from freezing. Also, check the coolant reservoir level to make sure it's filled to the proper level. Top off your antifreeze or flush the radiator if it's time to replace it.

  Get some deicing chemicals

  This may be one of our favorite winter car maintenance techniques because it is cheap and effective, requires zero mechanical experience and prevents headaches! After all, if you can’t open the door or look out the window, you can’t drive in winter; this That's why lock deicers and windshield deicers are essential chemicals in winter. Lock deicer Thaw and lubricate the door lock to help prevent damage. We have discussed windshield deicer above, which can be added to the windshield washer fluid tank. These products can work well together to prevent trouble and finger freezing.

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