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How to use a tire air pump is safer

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  Insert the top valve of the rubber hose directly into the tire valve. When you hear the tire flattening sound, it means that the air has circulated. Tighten the steam charging knob.

  When inflating, the pointer of the meter starts to rise with the air pressure, and when the large pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure of the car generally, the tire pressure of a car is 30-40PSI, turn off the inflator switch and take out the plug and air nozzle. Please use the equipped professional ball needle and nozzle to connect with the air nozzle to inflate the ball and other air-requiring equipment.

  When it is convenient to use, please start the car engine first to increase the power without consuming the car battery power. When inflating, please cool down and rest for 10 minutes of continuous work to extend the life of the motor. When the rubber boat is inflated, it can work continuously for 30 minutes.

  If the car cigarette lighter is not clean and does not conduct electricity, or the fuse is blown, the machine cannot operate normally, please make sure that the cigarette lighter conducts well. Limit the use of DC power supply. Do not use high-voltage power supply. When using it, people should not leave the body and pay attention to the tire pressure at any time, and it should not be too saturated.

  When a general tire is inflated, it can reach the normal tire pressure of 220KPA in about 3 minutes. Big tires will take a little longer. If the pointer of the instrument rises rapidly when the inflation is started, it means that the air has not been filled into the tire, and the work must be stopped and operated again, otherwise, the instrument and the motor will be damaged. Avoid dampness, heavy falls and sand and mud intrusion, and avoid children from playing with it to avoid injury.

  The starting current is very large, please do not turn on the power switch when the tire is connected, otherwise the car fuse may be burnt out due to the excessive starting current. The correct operation is to turn on the power first, and then connect the tires to inflate after the air pump starts to work normally. If you need to restart the machine after turning off the power during operation, you should also unscrew the gas nozzle and restart the machine, otherwise the car's fuse may be burned.


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