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Do we really need headphones that purify air?

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Dyson, the British maker of high-end vacuums and hair tools, on Wednesday unveiled headphones that double as a personal air purifier.

Dyson’s latest product feels like it’s ripped straight from the pages of a science fiction novel: a two-in-one air purifier and set of headphones. The Zone is a wearable air purifier that provides wearers with clean air by filtering out gas, allergens and particulate matter — while also covering the ears to cancel out environmental noise and provide audiophile-worthy sound quality.

The new device, called the Zone, is comprised of over-the-ear headphones and a visor that runs across the mouth and nose, creating a clean air bubble for the user while simultaneously blocking city noise. The design is expected to hit stores this fall.

Do we really need headphones that purify air?

While it may look like something out of a sci-fi movie, tens of millions of people across the globe already struggle with harmful air and noise.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 9 out of 10 people across the globe breathe in dangerously polluted air.

With countries like Bangladesh, India and China suffering such intense smog that it sometimes halts business and shuts down schools. More than 100 million people, around 20% of the European population, are exposed to long-term noise exposure above WHO guidance.

This urban malaise is only expected to be exacerbated as the world’s population increases and more people pack into hyper-dense cities. Around 77 million people are moving from rural to urban areas each year, according to a UN World Cities report. The number of megacities—those with more than 10 million people—has more than doubled to 29 in 2016 from 14 in 1995.

30 years of air filtration expertise pioneered into a wearable, high-end audio device. With a contact-free visor to supply a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth. So, you can breathe cleaner air, anywhere.

Device creates more harm than good, some say

Online backlash against the device was quick, with some accusing the company’s technology of potentially worsening the spread of a respiratory diseases like covid-19. They raised concerns that the Zone, which operates by creating a stream of air flow around the person wearing, could spread that person’s germs to others around them.

The is based on a pre-2020 understanding of public health. Prior to 2020 there was limited attention paid to the concept of “source control”. The source of the “bad air” was pollution- not us. The bad air had to be filtered coming in, surely not the other way?

The company became a leading enterprise in the private car accessories industry.


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