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Do it yourself to wax the car

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  Raising a car is like raising a person. Not only must it have continuous surging power, but it must also maintain its appearance. It is not easy to keep your car in good condition. Take car washing and waxing for example, it can often save a lot of money in a year. Car washing is easy to handle. You can do it yourself in your free time, but not everyone can do waxing.

  Why should I wax my car paint?

  After waxing, it can prevent rain and dew from corroding. Due to air pollution, the rainwater in recent years has a relatively high acidity and alkalinity, which is very easy to corrode the car paint. If the car paint is coated with a layer of car wax, it will have a significant protective effect.

  Can reduce the abrasion caused by the scrubbing operation on the paint surface. The dust on the surface of the vehicle contains a lot of sand particles, which will inevitably damage the surface during the scrubbing process, but if it is protected by car wax, you can sit back and relax.

  Frequent waxing can brighten and brighten the vehicle, especially the old car, which can add a lot of color to the appearance of the vehicle. The surface paint of a car is like human skin. Waxing a car is like applying oil to your skin, but you don’t have to use it as many times as you need to apply oil, about three times a year.

  Moderate waxing can reduce the number of car washes. This is because the surface of the waxed vehicle is smooth, and the floating dust is not easy to stick to the car paint. Even if it is stained with a layer of floating dust, the wind will become clean.

  waxing steps

  1. Clean the surface of the vehicle, and dry the water in the gaps (such as reflectors, door handles, etc.) to ensure that no water flows out during waxing.

  2. Spread the wax sponge pad evenly on the surface of the car paint in a clockwise direction, in a fish scale shape, and wipe it once. It does not need to be too thick, and too much is a waste, and it is not easy to wipe when wiping the wax; plastic Don’t use wax for the decoration of the material. Some plastic decorations are matte, which can’t be wiped off after waxing, but will look nondescript.

  3. After applying the wax, wipe off the excess wax with a clean, delicate, lint-free towel. The order of wiping the wax should be the same as the order of application. If it is liquid wax, wait for 5-10 minutes after applying it, and then wipe it off (it can be shorter in summer); if it is solid wax, you can wipe the wax right after it is applied. Don't wipe it after leaving it for a long time, otherwise it will be extra laborious to wipe it.

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