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Clean every space in your home

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The thought of cleaning bores me, and I usually have to spend hours mentally preparing for the chore.

With thorough, durable, and easy-to-use cleaners and tools, you can clean your entire home with little to no sweat in the process.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The air in the impeller is discharged from the fan at a high speed, and the air in the suction part is continuously replenished into the fan. In this way, it may form a higher pressure difference with the outside world. The dust and dirt from the suction nozzle are sucked into the dust collecting part together with the air, and are collected in the dust collecting pipe through the leaker. It can go deep into every corner to cover common cleaning scenarios.

High pressure car wash gun

With high power and high pressure, the water pressure and water output produced in this way are sufficient to fully wash away dust, stains and fine sand particles. It should also have the function of spraying foam. Washing without foaming is equivalent to half washing, and it will not be completely clean.

Sweeping robot

If you hate cleaning, let a robot vacuum do the work for you. You can set exclusion zones around specific rooms, or just fragile items like a side table with a tall vase on top. When the robot vacuum's battery runs low, it goes back to the charging dock.

Super fine duster

The dust collector sucks all the dust off the shelves and countertops in one fell swoop. Flexible and lightweight, it is comfortable and easy to maneuver in tight, tricky spaces. Its reusable head is machine washable, but best hand wash in cold water.

Concentrated cleaner

Living in a house requires constant cleaning of pipes and drains. If you don't fish some food out of the sink, you're likely to unravel a never-ending strand of hair from the shower drain. Cleans your drains by liquefying everything in its path - grease, hair, scum, food, etc.

Advanced glass cleaner

Your mirrors and glass surfaces will be crystal clear and streak-free because it does not contain any soap, odor or dye. After cleaning all bathroom and living room glass surfaces, feel free to use it on your car to remove stains, feces and other grime from driving outdoors.

High pressure car wash gun

The company became a leading enterprise in the private car accessories industry.



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