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Car air pump is also divided into single cylinder and double cylinder

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  The importance of tire pressure to driving safety is self-evident. More and more new cars have been equipped with the original tire pressure monitoring system as standard. No need to get off the car, you can easily check the tire pressure on the dashboard and central control media. Know the tire pressure at any time, inflate and deflate the tire pressure to the original recommended tire pressure value when needed.

  When traveling by car, tire pressure is often insufficient. At this time, it is very difficult to find a place to inflate. Experienced car owners will prepare an on-board air pump, and they can easily solve the problem of insufficient tire pressure.

  In addition to paying attention to the tire pressure for daily use, for those who like outdoor off-road or will participate in the race track day, in extreme car scenes, it is even more necessary to adjust the tires to the appropriate tire pressure for the scene. After leaving the extreme road conditions, restore the tire's standard tire pressure. Therefore, whether it is a white driver or an old driver, it is absolutely harmless to keep an on-board air pump in the car.

  From the inflation speed, the inflation speed of the double-cylinder air pump is naturally faster than that of the single-cylinder.

  In terms of price, single-cylinder air pumps are generally a bit more favorable than double-cylinder air pumps.

  Current requirements, some for convenience, the air pump will have two ways to get electricity from the cigarette lighter and the battery. The cigarette lighter is more convenient and quick to get electricity, but the double-cylinder air pump has higher requirements for current.

  Car inflator should have more comprehensive functions, such as emergency LED lighting, so it is very convenient to inflate at night, especially suitable for those car owners who often drive at night. It can also be used as a warning light to remind the vehicles behind to avoid giving way.

  Finally, many air pumps now have additional functions such as automatic start and stop, digital display, lighting, etc. The general cost is high, and you need to consider whether you need it. Most air pumps do not dissipate heat well, so try not to touch them after pumping, especially the exposed metal parts of metal pumps. If you encounter a smoking pump, cut off the power as soon as possible to protect the car. If you use it yourself, you don’t have to worry too much about the noise if you throw it on the ground outdoors.


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