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After driving back from the holiday, pay attention to car maintenance

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  A car is composed of many precision parts. If a car breaks down, it is difficult for ordinary car owners to determine where the problem is with the car. It is hoped that through the popularization of automobile knowledge, the ability of car owners to recognize the car and identify car failures can be improved, so as to help car owners better understand their car and become an excellent car user.

  After returning from the holiday, many car owners must have had a pleasant and leisurely holiday. Even if you don't have a long drive to go to the suburban mountains or the Internet celebrity city to check in, at least you can go to the scenic resorts around the city for a sweet two-person tour. Cars are frequently used during long vacations and most of the roads are country roads. Then, how should the car be maintained and restored after the vacation.

  Whether it is a long-distance or a short-distance self-driving, the road conditions we go to the destination are not familiar to us. In some muddy or bumpy road sections, sometimes lack of observation and eagerness on the road, it is inevitable that you may not know the best route for driving and cause the chassis to scratch. It is very likely that when driving on an unfamiliar country road at night, he did not pay attention to observation and encountered bumps or scratches on the road. Therefore, after traveling, it is necessary to go to the repair shop to check the chassis of the car.

  Long-distance self-driving trips will consume all kinds of oil, so after returning from a trip, you need to replenish all kinds of oil in time. Check whether the brake system and oil leaks, whether the brake fluid is lacking, whether the engine oil, electronic booster oil, and coolant are sufficient, and replenish the oil in time to restore the vehicle to a good condition.

  Check whether there is a big bump on the wheel, whether the tire is damaged, broken, or bulged, and check the tire pattern and the degree of aging of the tire. Clean up the debris in the tire pattern in time and avoid using tires with larger wear. If the tires are found to be completely worn out, they should be replaced in time.

  Insufficient air pressure during driving will cause the tire carcass to be overused and damage the tires. Unstable tire inner liner rubber will melt at high heat, and the product will burst! It will cause the vehicle to deviate from the route, serious tire shoulder wear, and increase fuel consumption!

  When using the air pump, please turn off the vehicle first, insert the air pump plug into the cigarette lighter, and then ignite, so as to avoid the accident of the vehicle burning insurance. Of course, many people feel that it is okay to connect the air pump after the vehicle is started, but the danger of a short circuit is prone to occur after a long time. When using an inflator, pay close attention to the changes in tire pressure, be optimistic about the tire pressure gauge, and do not over-inflate.

  When the pump is working, the vibration is often relatively large. This is normal. Just be careful to hold it down by hand. In the process of using the air pump, if the air pump is overheated, it must be stopped for a few minutes before using it, so that the air pump has a process of heat dissipation.

  Even if the car is not used during the holiday, a simple self-inspection of the car must be carried out before going to work. Whether there are new scratches on the car body, if any, you need to get the monitoring and evidence in time; whether the tire pressure is enough, whether there is any problem with the wheels; whether the battery is sufficient, and so on. A simple self-test can avoid a lot of trouble.

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