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Shenzhen Hongtu Yangzhan Communication Co., Ltd. as one top standard professional manufacturer and exporter of bluetooth earphones, focus on design, development and production, Hongtu group has been founded in 2009 at Shenzhen, China.
We always aim to provide our customers the best services as below:
1. International standard high quality.
2. The best cost performance prices.
3. New design / better market performance products.
4. Professional and on-time communications.
5. Complete After-sales service.
Offer the best products and services to the people worldwide, Hongtu is highly welcome for your cooperation!

Business mode
With years of experience in consumer electronics, we are very familiar with customer's demand and preference. We follow the trend and convert an idea to an actual product. Then we recommend our new designs to our customers and provide OEM/ODM service. We customize the products according to the requirements of customers, and make the products with customers' brands and packaging. We can make a particular design exclusive to a customer if they meet our conditions. We can also produce products according to customers' design(ID or MD design), and we will make it confidential and will not advertise the products unless we have the permission from customers. With years of experience in manufacturing, we know well about quality control and cost control. We control quality from the purchasing of material, assembling, till the final packing. We pay attention to every detail and we consider every customer's concern.
We are your designing office, and your R&D base, and your factory as well.
Any comment, suggestion, or inquiry will be appreciated. Please contact us.

Our team
Hongtu Group has a young, innovative and energetic team. We have 5 engineers and 2 designers, and currently we have 40-45 workers. We will expand and employ more workers whenever necessary. We have a well-trained sales team, and we understand customers' demand and know the products well. We respect customers' requirements and fulfill our responsibility once it is committed. We respect every coworkers in our company and consider their health and life quality as an important matter. We are not working long hours, but we work efficiently. We are busy every day, but we are pleasant. We are brothers and sisters in a big family. We have the same value of worth, which is not accumulating wealth, but to reach the goal in our mind. And we have a common goal. That is to become a successful company in the industry of consumer electronic products.