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Why do we need car air purifiers mini?

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A private car is a very small, relatively enclosed space. If someone in the car is sick and continues to emit bacteria or viruses, it is very likely to cause transmission. In fact, not only the pollution caused by harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, but many other substances in the car can also cause air pollution in the car.

Many people are curious, why do some people like to sit in the car alone? "In the Car" is indeed a unique and magical "time and space". No wonder everyone cares about their cars as much as they care about their homes. Private cars do have many things in common with their homes, such as private places and enclosed spaces.

Since it is a "mobile home", of course it deserves special care. Then a natural question is, how to breathe clean and safe air freely in the car and relax as comfortable as at home?


Experienced drivers know how bad the air in the car is:

The dust brought into the car by the soles floated from the foot pads, flying in the sun, and impurities from the air outlet of the air conditioner.

The external PM2.5 particulate matter and construction dust introduced when the windows are opened and closed are mixed with roadside exhaust emissions and the smell of engine oil produced by the engine. The pungent smell is almost OMG.

Coupled with unfavorable factors such as the release of organic matter in interior decoration and air circulation obstacles caused by small spaces, the impact and harm of pollutants in the car may also increase exponentially.

As a driving escort, the owner is often the person in charge of the entire vehicle. People who are sensitive to air quality and the environment in the car need to be taken care of, such as children, pregnant women, and the elderly. There are babies in the car who need to sleep quietly, and the elderly have breathing problems and worry about air quality.

Before entering the house, was sitting in the car alone, holding a cigarette in his hand, thinking about life. You can stay as long as you want. In a space with a car air purifier, a quieter environment and a better air experience in the car. Your car is an independent space where you can completely unload your burdens after get off work.

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