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What do you need to know to buy a tire inflator?

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What is an air pump?

The air pump is a tool used to inflate the tires of a car. Connect the air pump to the tire's inflation port and turn on the air pump switch to inflate the tires.

In the past, most of the electrical appliances connected to the car were connected to the battery of the vehicle. Nowadays, the electrical appliances can be connected to the power interface under the center console or in the armrest box, which is very convenient. When purchasing, you should choose a device that can be used for both the cigarette lighter interface and the battery clamp.

Handheld car air pump

What kind of air pumps are there?

The principles of the air pumps on the market are similar. The basic parameters are roughly divided into several aspects: power, air output, additional functions.

There are single-cylinder and double-cylinder air pumps. This sounds a bit like the name of a car engine, but it's pretty much the same. Single-cylinder means that the tire pressure pump has only one power element inflating the tire, while dual-cylinder means that two power elements work simultaneously.

So theoretically a two-cylinder is better. However, if the weight of some small cars is small and the tires are small, there is no problem at all with a single-cylinder inflator.

Car air pump

Air pump can be divided into: automatic and manual version. At present, some automatic air pumps only need to set the value that the tire pressure should reach. Turn on the power, the air pump will automatically inflate the tire to the specified tire pressure and stop automatically.

Compact car air pump

The inflator pump is used to inflate the tires. Usually, when you can’t go to the auto repair shop in time, the road environment you face may also be more complicated.

Air pump content

Some electric air pumps will be equipped with lights to prevent night operation. And some tire pressure pumps also come with tools such as screwdrivers and pliers, which bring many conveniences to users.

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