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What are the disadvantages of air suspension?

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Most of the models equipped with air suspension are equipped with chassis lifting technology, which can realize a large-scale adjustment of the chassis height. When encountering rugged roads, the chassis can be lifted to improve passability, and the chassis can be lowered to reduce driving wind resistance, and it is also more convenient to get on and off the vehicle and carry objects. In addition, the air suspension can automatically maintain the height of the vehicle, even when it is fully loaded, to ensure the vehicle's shock absorption performance as much as possible. In some models, the airbag can be quickly inflated and deflated to realize the up and down vibration of the vehicle to help the vehicle get out of trouble.


In the development of traditional vehicle suspensions, when designing steel coil springs, component manufacturers basically require the theoretical fatigue times to be unlimited, which means that the life of steel coil springs is almost unlimited. In reality, in addition to manufacturing defects or damage caused by traffic accidents, we almost never see damage to steel coil springs.

In comparison, the life of the air suspension system is much shorter, and the probability of damage is still very high. The warranty period generally ranges from 3-5 years or 50,000-100,000 kilometers depending on the model. In the entire air suspension damping system, the reliability of the internal sub-parts will also be uneven, and any one of the sub-parts will have a problem with the suspension system of the vehicle, which will affect driving safety. Some models even require maintenance and replacement of air suspension system components during the vehicle warranty period.

Most of our common air suspension failure causes appear on the air spring. This is because when the vehicle is running in a daily environment with alternating hot and cold, the rubber parts of the air spring will age or even crack, and the sealing capacity and load capacity will be greatly reduced. Or when the oil leaked from the aging shock absorber sticks to the rubber surface of the air spring, chemical corrosion will slowly occur, which will also cause the rubber parts to fail. Although air springs are mostly protected by aluminum casings, the problem of rubber aging is still unavoidable. In addition, the various valves in the airbag are also high-risk components.


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