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The magical effect of car vacuum cleaner

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Because there are children at home, it is necessary to clean the environment in the car every time. However, every time I go to the car wash outside, let alone the long-term cost, the actual cleaning effect is not satisfactory.

Of course, individuals can also use wireless vacuum cleaners and other tools to clean. In fact, according to the environment in the car, there are neither large areas of dust and stains to clean up, nor hard-to-reach corners or gaps, and no professional vacuuming equipment is needed to clean. Ordinary wireless vacuum cleaners are quite large and not easy to store. Just to clean a few pieces of dust will inevitably have the feeling of overwhelming use. However, car vacuum cleaners will not occupy too much storage space and can be used anytime and anywhere.

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The interior of the car is mainly to clean some of the gaps between tables and chairs or the top of the foot pads. suction nozzle and blowing tube, it can basically go deep into the corners of the seat, covering common cleaning scenes, such as vacuuming the seat first. The dust residue on the chair, then wipe the seat with a rag, and then use a blowpipe to dry the surface of the seat.

Especially when a child eats in the back seat, some food residues will accidentally crash and fly onto the seat. I believe that friends with children at home must understand that in order to keep the child’s seat clean and hygienic, it is necessary to clean the back seat from time to time.

For example, many people will put one or two pillows in the car. Sometimes children will hold pillows in the car. The cute and soft pillows are especially effective when the children are sleeping or making noise. When the pillow is cleaned and dried, the car vacuum cleaner can clean the dust and hair on the surface of the pillow in time, especially if it is accidentally dropped from the seat, it cannot be cleaned immediately.

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