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The importance of tire pressure monitors

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The importance of tire pressure to driving safety is self-evident. More and more new cars have been equipped with the original tire pressure monitoring system as standard. No need to get off the car, you can easily check the tire pressure on the dashboard and central control media. Know the tire pressure at any time, inflate and deflate the tire pressure to the original recommended tire pressure value when needed.

In addition to paying attention to the tire pressure for daily use, for those who like outdoor off-road or will participate in the race track day, in extreme car scenes, it is even more necessary to adjust the tires to the appropriate tire pressure for the scene. After leaving the extreme road conditions, restore the tire's standard tire pressure. Therefore, whether it is a white driver or an old driver, it is absolutely harmless to keep an on-board air pump in the car.


The main function of the car pump is to pump gas into the object that needs to be pumped, that is, when we usually need to inflate, we cannot do without the pump. The types of this product are also very diverse. For example, balloon pumps and car pumps will use this product. It can be driven by manpower or by motor. Just like bicycle tires, tires need to be inflated regularly after a long period of use. This can use manpower to cheer up. However, for car tires, a motor needs to be used for inflation, which is difficult to satisfy with manpower.

So what is the basic principle of the air pump?

When the motor is running, the gate valve of the communicating device is opened by the standard pressure of the air, and the gas enters the air cylinder, and when the air is pumped into the tire, the gate valve is closed by the standard air pressure in the air cylinder, and the air enters the tire. It should be said that the basic principle is to apply the basic principle of atmospheric pressure to pump up air.

Inflator pumps are used in a wide range of industries. We have also mentioned above. If you need to pump up, you can use it. Naturally, special conditions can't be counted. So which industries need to be pumped up?

Balloons, footballs, bicycles, cars, rubber boats, inflatable toys, etc., tire pressure inflator pumps are mostly used in the automobile manufacturing industry.

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