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Is it possible to wash the car purely by rain?

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First of all, car washing is not only about washing the exterior but also for regular maintenance of the chassis.

During driving, the mud and sand on the road will have a certain impact on the chassis of the car, and some unknown attachments may also cause a series of failures.

So it must be cleaned regularly to maintain the cleanliness of the chassis operating environment.

The rain fell from the sky. Normally, it cannot fall on the chassis of the car, right?

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Even if you drive over the side of the road and splash it on the chassis, this is not about cleaning at all. Instead, it will wrap up the mud and sand on the road and stick to the dead corners of the chassis, making it even dirtier.

In addition to the chassis, the interior of the car can not be washed by rain washing. Even if they do, he may not dare. The interior is contaminated by sweat and other substances. If it is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria may grow, and leather products may be aging.

The rain itself is very dirty, so don't do it. When raindrops are formed, they will cling to the tiny particles in the air and will absorb a lot of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Washing the car with rainwater is a bit like using bathwater to brush your teeth. It must not be clean.

Because of its huge amount of precipitation, rainwater continuously absorbs pollutants during the long sedimentation process and often exhibits higher material content.

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