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How to look at the car pressure gauge, how to use the tire pressure gauge

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How to use the tire pressure gauge correctly, the car tire pressure gauge is abbreviated as the tire pressure gauge, which is mainly used to inflate, deflate, and measure pressure of car tires. It is an important identification tool for the safety of vehicle tires. Many users don't know much about tire pressure gauges. They don't know how to use them after buying them. In order to solve the doubts of users, Will share how to use tire pressure gauges correctly:

When using, press the valve connector tightly to the tire valve, so that the valve core is pressed in, and the reading displayed by the indicator is the tire pressure.


When measuring, you must pay attention to the alignment of the air pressure gauge with the valve, and there should be no air leakage, otherwise the measured value will be inaccurate, and the value displayed on the table is the tire pressure.

When using the tire pressure gauge, remind users to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. The vehicle needs to be parked on a flat ground, and the tire pressure is required to be measured when the vehicle is completely turned off;

2. Remove the valve cap of the tire, and align the pressure measuring nozzle of the tire pressure gauge with the valve on the tire and press it in vertically;

3. The pressing speed needs to be fast, so as not to cause air leakage in the tire;

4. Determine whether the tire pressure meets the requirements according to the tire pressure requirements on the door side and the driver's experience; if the tire pressure is too high, the tire pressure gauge can be used to deflate; if the tire pressure is too low, you should immediately use the vehicle to inflate Pump air to a safe tire pressure, and re-measure and check the accurate tire pressure;

5, put the valve cap back;

6. For your driving safety, it is recommended to check the tire pressure at least once a month. Before you are proficient in the operation of measuring the tire pressure, you can test several times to make sure that the reading is correct.

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