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Driving safety tips

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  When a vehicle is running, and the road conditions cannot guarantee a sufficient lateral safety distance, the speed of the vehicle should be reduced.

  You should choose a reasonable driving position before meeting the car. When the meeting car position is predicted to be unsatisfactory, you should immediately slow down or stop, do not hesitate, let alone rush and force.

  Vehicles entering the roundabout should drive in a counterclockwise direction; when passing through a grade intersection, they should follow the signs in front of the intersection.

  When a vehicle turns around, you should choose a place with a wider road and low traffic volume; it is not allowed to turn around or reverse on dangerous roads.

  Vehicles should be inspected before getting on the car before starting. After getting on the car, observe further to confirm the safety before starting. When starting to find that there are many overtaking vehicles behind, you should move slowly in the original direction and then gradually drive into the lane.

  When a vehicle driving on the borrowed lane returns to the original lane, you should see the driving conditions of other vehicles on the road, turn on the turn signal, and drive back to the original lane after confirming that it is safe.

  When a vehicle passes a curve with poor visibility, it should slow down, honking its horn, and keep to the right; when passing a sharp turn, it must slow down and drive slowly along the outside on the curve of the fourth-class road.

  When the vehicle is driving at high speed, when the following car is very close, turn on the right turn signal to let the following cargo first.

  When stopping temporarily on a general downhill, the engine should be turned off, the parking brake handle should be tightened, and the gear lever should be put into reverse gear.

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